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Between 1988 and 2011, The Romney Marsh Research Trust published five monographs which in total have over 60 separate papers on the Marsh by a wide range of authors.  An index to these papers is below.  It can be searched by keyword (using the box to the below right) or sorted by clicking on any of the titles.  Clicking on the title will bring up a readable file of the relevant paper.

Flandrian sedimentation and palaeoenvironments in Pett Level, the Brede and lower Rother and Walland MarshMartyn Waller, Paul Burrin and Andrew Marlow11
The Holocene floodplain and alluvial deposits of the Rother valley and their bearing on the evolution of Romney MarshPaul Burrin12
Water level changes and sedimentation during the Flandrian Age in the Romney Marsh areaMichael Tooley and Andrew Switzur13
Archaeological and palaeoenvironmental investigations at Pannel Bridge, near Pett Level, East SussexRobin Holgate and Andrew Woodcock14
A group of Early Bronze Age axes from LyddStuart Needham15
Romney Marsh in the Roman periodBarry Cunliffe16
Recent geotechnical, geomorphological and archaeological investigations of the abandoned cliff backing Romney Marsh at Lympne, KentJohn Hutchinson17
Romney Marsh in the early Middle AgesNicholas Brooks18
The topography of the Walland Marsh area between the eleventh and thirteenth centuryTim Tatton-Brown19
Medieval settlement and society in the Broomhill area and excavations at Broomhill churchMark Gardiner110
New Romney and the river of Newenden in the later Middle AgesEleanor Vollans111
Drowned lands : changes in the course of the Rother and its estuary and associated drainage problems, 1635-1737Jill Eddison112
Sea defence and land drainage of Romney MarshGeoffrey Robinson113
Palaeogeography of marine inlets in the Romney Marsh areaChristopher Green114
Conclusion: The research potential of Romney MarshJill Eddison, Christopher Green and Andrew Woodcock115
Gazetteer of Prehistoric, Roman and Saxon sites in Romney Marsh and the surrounding areaAndrew Woodcock116
Early maps of the Romney Marsh areaJill Eddison117
Aerial photographs of the Romney areaJill Eddison118
Romney Marsh: the Debatable GroundMichael Tooley21
The Morphology and Evolution of Denge Beach and Denge MarshAndrew Plater and Antony Long22
A Palaeoenvironmental Investigation of the 'Midley Sand' and Associated Deposits at the Midley Church Bank, Romney MarshAntony Long and Jim Innes23
The Proposed Northern Course of the Rother: a Sedimentological and Microfaunal InvestigationMartin Wass24
Romney Marsh: the Field-Walking EvidenceAnne Reeves25
The Medieval Houses of the Marsh: the Missing EvidenceSarah Pearson26
Hope All Saints: a Survey and Discussion of the Ruins and EarthworksMaureen Bennell27
Adaption and Investment in the Age of the Great Storms: Agricultural Policy on the Manors of the Principal Lords of the Romney Marshes and the Marshland Fringe c1250-1320Anthony Gross and Andrew Butcher28
Medieval Salt-Making and the Inning of Tidal Marshes at Belgar, LyddEleanor Vollans29
Medieval Farming and Flooding in the Brede ValleyMark Gardiner210
The Impact of Marshland Drainage on Rye Harbour, 1550-1650Stephen Hipkin211
Attempts to clear the Rother Channel, 1613-1624Jill Eddison212
Drainage of Romney Marsh and Maintenance of the Dymchurch Wall in the early 17th centuryDorothy Beck213
The Evolution of Rye Bay and Dungeness Foreland: the Offshore Seismic RecordJustin Dix, Antony Long and Richard Cooke31
Holocene Barrier Estuary Evolution: the Sedimentary Record of Walland MarshAntony Long, Christopher Spencer, Andrew Plater32
The Vegetation History, Stratigraphy and Pollen Data for the Shirley Moor RegionMartyn Waller, Pat McCarthy, Deborah Long33
The Holocene Depositional History of Romney Marsh ProperAntony Long, Martyn Waller, Paul Hughes and Christopher Spencer34
Catastrophic Changes: the Evolution of the Barrier Beaches of Rye BayJill Eddison35
Medieval Rural Settlement and Economy at LyddLuke Barber36
The Farms of Canterbury Cathedral Priory and All Souls College Oxford on Romney Marsh, c1443-1545Gillian Draper37
Settlement Change on Walland and Denge Marshes, 1400-1550Mark Gardiner38
Land Occupation in the Level of Romney Marsh during the Late 16th and Early 17th CenturiesStephen Hipkin39
Death and Disease on Romney Marsh in the 17th to 19th centuriesMary Dobson310
White Kemp Gutt c1700: A Time of Change?Gail Smith311
Sheep-keeping and Lookers' Huts on Romney MarshAnne Reeves and David Eve312
The Holocene vegetation history of the Romney Marsh regionMartyn Waller41
Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene environmental change in the Romney Marsh region: new evidence from Tilling Green, RyeMartyn Waller and Jason Kirby42
Palaeoenvironmental changes during the last 4000 years at Scotney Marsh, Romney Marsh, Kent: a multiproxy approachChris Spencer and Wendy Woodland43
Reconstructing Late Holocene intertidal environments and channel networks: a review of the role of Benthic Foraminfera biostratigraphy on Romney MarshJohn Evans and Jason Kirby44
The evidence for Late Holocene foreland progradation and rapid tidal sedimentation from the barrier and marsh sediments of Romney Marsh and Dungeness: a geomorphological approachAndy Plater, Paul Stupples, Helen Roberts and Caroline Owen45
Romney Marsh: evolution of the historic landscape and its wider settingStephen Rippon46
The late medieval 'antediluvian' landscape of Walland MarshMark Gardiner47
The Rumenesea Wall, Romney and Walland Marshes: a commentaryJ.R.L. Allen48
The purpose, construction and operation of a 13th-century watercourse: the Rhee, Romney Marsh, KentJill Eddison49
Land holding and the land market in a 15th-century peasant community: Appledore, 1400-1470Sheila Sweetinburgh410
To fasten itt upon his successors, heirs and owners of that howse... so longe as the world standeth": family identity and the Romney marshlands in early modern KentMark Merry and Catherine Richardson411
The worlds of Daniel Langdon: public office and private enterprise in the Romney Marsh region in the early-18th centuryStephen Hipkin412
A 'particularly convenient and useful' arrangement: the symbiotic relationship between the agrarian economy of Romney Marsh and the surrounding region in the 18th centuryAnne Davidson413
The Holocene Coastal Deposits of Sussex: a Re-evaluationMartyn Waller and Antony Long51
The Mid-late Holocene Evolution of Southern Walland Marsh and the Origin of the 'Midley Sand'Jason Kirby, David Clarke, Tim Shaw and Emma Toole52
Holocene Fire Histories from the Edge of the Romney MarshMichael Grant and Martyn Waller53
Adapting to PPG16: Planning-led Archaeology on the Walland, Denge and Romney Marshes of Kent and East Sussex, 1990-2010Casper Johnson54
The Romney Marsh Archaeological Gazetteer: its Creation and UseAlan Tyler55
Overcoming disaster? Farming Practices on Christ Church Priory's Marshland Manors in the Early 14th CenturySheila Sweetinburgh56
My boddye shall lye with my name Engraven on it': Remembering the Godfrey family of Lydd, KentTerreena Bellinger and Gill Draper57
Aspects of Corporate Landownership and the Fortunes of Livestock Farmers on Walland Marsh and Denge Marsh, c1730-90Anne Davison58
Boom, Slump and Intervention: Changing Agricultural Landscapes on Romney Marsh, 1790 to 1990Hadrian Cook59