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Yr./noSubjectGrant toAmount (£)
88/Survey of Hope All Saints ChurchMaureen Bennell890
88/Landslides affecting Stutfall Castle, LympneProf John Hutchinson750
88/Stratigraphical and archaeological investigations at BroomhillDr Michael Tooley1,373
88/17th century topography of Broomhill and CamberJill Eddison250
88/Computer index to historical sourcesBeryl Campbell200
88/8Investigations of settlement morphologyDr Brian Roberts50
88/Publication of the Romney Marsh Monograph3,000
89/Dengemarsh geomophological surveyDr Andrew Plater876
88/Survey of Hope All Saints ChurchMaureen Bennell710
88/10Field-walking at Hope All SaintsRoland Harris320
89/8Elevational drawings of New Romney ChurchRoland Harris450
89/Archaeological excavations at BroomhillMark Gardiner895
89/5Coastal and sea-level changes at BroomhillDr Michael Tooley1,395
89/4Foraminferal analysis of samples from Broomhill and Denge MarshDr David Huddart435
89/Molluscan faunas of the Broomhill sedimentsDr David Keen170
89/Documentary research: Broomhill and CamberJill Eddison200
90/3Recording a salt-working site near LyddLuke Barber450
90/Study of a shell midden from BroomhillMark Gardiner440
90/Documentary research: Broomhill and CamberJill Eddison370
90/Study of the Midley sand, MidleyDr Jim Innes1,250
90/Stratigraphic and Sedimentological investigations, Old RomneyVanessa Norwood700
90/8Environmental reconstruction, Denge MarshDr Andrew Plater600
90/Publication of plans of the Marsh churchesTim Tatton-Brown158
90/Field survey: Romney Marsh properAnne Reeves300
90/4Recording of 12th century stonework at new Romney and Burmarsh churchesRoland Harris545
91/4Recording a salt-working site near LyddLuke Barber2,648
91/1Field survey of Old RomneyMark Gardiner4,900
91/Survey of the medieval buildings of New RomneyRoland Harris6,230
91/3Further geomophological study of DengemarshDr Andrew Plater5,000
91/Study of the Midley sand, MidleyDr Jim Innes1,450
91/Identification of finds from field-walkingAnne Reeves206
91/A photographic record of Romney MarshAnne Reeves200
91/Evidence from an account book, 1613-1624Jill Eddison1,460
91/Preliminary exploration of the archives of Battle AbbeyChristopher Whittick240
92/4Recording a salt-working site near LyddLuke Barber1,414
92/Field survey of Old RomneyMark Gardiner1,577
92/5Architectural survey in LyddAlan Dickinson500
93/Geomorphological evolution of the Scotney area, LyddChristopher Spencer15,926
93/Radiocarbon dating at Horsemarsh Sewer, KenardingtonDr Jim Innes1,530
93/3Demographic survey of the Romney Marsh parishesDr Mary Dobson1,000
93/Stratigraphic transect across the MarshDr Antony Long5,244
93/5Tenement study of Playden and IdenSussex Arch. Society500
94/1Evolution of the south shore of DungenessDr Antony Long7,109
94/2Search of the early archives of All Souls College, OxfordRalph Evans1,000
94/Examination of samples from Stockbridge and FairfieldDr Jim Innes2,090
94/4Biostratigraphy of the main march peat bedDr Martyn Waller & Dr Antony Long11,828
94/Study of the surviving sea embankmentsMark Gardiner717
94/5Illustrations for a survey of earthworks on Romney MarshAnne Reeves330
93/Geomorphological evolution of the Scotney area, LyddChristopher Spencer12,267
95/5Recording surviving earthworks in Romney MarshAnne Reeves12,695
95/Dungeness Geomorphology: Phase 2Dr Andrew Plater6,276
95/Luminescence dating of DengemarshDr Andrew Plater900
95/Investigation of a butchered whale skullGreg Priestley-Ball528
95/6Medieval records of Walland MarshJill Eddison & Gill Draper1,585
97/7Archaeological and palaeo-environments on the upland marginsDr Mark Gardiner, Luke Barber, Martyn Waller & Deborah Long5,945
95/Seismic stratigraphy of Rye BayDr Justin Dix & Dr Antony Long1,000
93/Geomorphological evolution of the Scotney area, LyddChristopher Spencer10,730
96/2Marshland reclamation in the Wainway ChannelDr Mark Gardiner & Jill Eddison17,922
96/Human activity in the context of the Hythe inletDr Mark Gardiner & Jill Eddison600
96/Investigation of the Rhee wallDr Mark Gardiner & Jill Eddison350
96/Arial photographic evidence of the intertidal zone at Pett and a field survey of Walland MarshProf John Allen3,296
96/1Social history of the Walland MarshGill Draper2,280
96/Palaeographic investigation of Romney Marsh properDr Martyn Waller & Dr Antony Long3,933
96/7Evaluation of eighteenth century drainage maps of Romney MarshDr Sarah Bendall405
97/Human activity in the context of the Hythe inletDr Mark Gardiner & Jill Eddison5,675
97/1Compilation of a gazetteer of metal detector findsAnne Reeves100
97/4Evaluation of the landscape of the LimenAnne Reeves5,520
97/3Archaeology of the Saxon industrial site at West Hythe (excavations)Dr Mark Gardiner2,802
97/5Survey of old pasture containing earthworks on Walland Marsh, Denge Marsh and Guldeford LevelAnne Reeves2,750
97/7Maps for a publication on the landscape history of Walland MarshJill Eddison & Gill Draper500
97/6Social history of Romney Marsh in the 15th and 16th centuriesGill Draper540
97/8Management of marshland near LyddSpencer Dimmock1,370
97/2Palaeographic investigation of Romney Marsh properDr Antony Long4,943
98/4Archaeology of the Saxon industrial site at West Hythe (publication)Dr Mark Gardiner2,802
98/5Analysis of small finds from Sandtun, West HytheIan Riddler1,840
98/Environmental investigation of the Sandtun sandbankRichard Cross800
98/1Silting of the White Kemp gutt, c 1700Gail Smith420
98/Evidence in the Wainway channelDr John Evans & Dr Antony Long3,642
98/Geomorphology at Caldecot Farm, LyddMatthew Wright & Dr Antony Long1,000
98/Investigation of a large wooden structure on Shirley MoorRobert Beck631
98/Fishing industry in the 15th and 16th centuriesSheila Sweetinburgh3,000
99/1Geomorphology at Caldecot Farm, LyddPaul Stupples480
99/2Deep deposits from Tilling Green, RyeJason Kirby2,235
99/3Shell dating from the Wainway channelDr John Evans400
99/4Geomorphological evolution of Scotney Marsh, LyddDr Chris Spencer570
99/5Production of a geomorphological databaseDr Chris Spencer1,200
99/6Sedimentology and topography of the last stages of the Wainway channelPaul Stupples840
99/7Publication of archaelogical investiagtions 1947-1997 at Sandtun, West HytheRichard Cross850
99/8Land ownership, occupation and use in Romney Marsh, 1580-1780Dr Stephen Hipkin10,000
00/1Medieval structures of land-holding in Romney MarshAndrew Butcher10,932
00/2The building stones of Romney Marsh churchesAndrew Pearson1,200
00/3Tithe litigation in Romney Marsh, 1330-1600Dr Paula Simpson730
00/4Testae amoboebe analysis of marsh sedimentsDr Chris Spencer & Dr Wendy Woodward740
00/5Early ship-building in the Brede and Rother valleysDr Helen Clarke588
00/6Deep deposits from Tilling Green, RyeDr Jason Kirby942
01/Romney Marshes 1550-1650: households and inheritence strategiesDr Catherine Richardson5,000
01/4Bodiam: settlement and riverDr Helen Clarke548
01/2Radiocarbon dating the early holocene at Tilling Green, RyeDr Hjason Kirby & Dr Martin Waller1,290
01/3Palaeomagnetic dating of marsh sediemnts from the Burarsh areaDr Andrew Plater965
02/1Paleoenviromental investigation of Allen's Bank, LyddDr Andrew Plater & Dr C Mayers6,000
03/1Assesment of sediments at Little Cheyne CourtDr Martyn Waller3,230
03/3Small ports projectDr Helen Clarke3,845
03/4Archaolgoical gazetteeerDr Alan Tyler566
02/1Paleoenviromental investigation of Allen's Bank, LyddDr Andrew Plater & Dr C Mayers20,952
03/2Production of a Romney Marsh educational websiteDr Andrew Plater25,000
04/1Ports of the RotherTerry Burke573
04/2Evaluation of documentarysources for medieval RyeDr Gillian Draper3,600
04/3The built heritage of RyeDavid Martin7,920
05/1Romney Marsh and the Western Valleys: an archaelogical gazetteerDr Alan Tyler500
05/2Historical aspects of the Rye projectDr Gillian Draper30,800
06/1Analysis of soil samplesDr Michael Grant2,500
06/2Rye buildings phase 2David & Barbara Martin15,800
06/3Paleoenviromental study of Walland MarshDr Jason Kirby (students)680
05/2Rye project expenses1,090
07/1Paleoenviromental study of Walland MarshDr Jason Kirby (students)608
05/2Rye project expenses448
08/1Tempra analysis on a core from Walland MarshDr Ronald Gehrels (students)510
08/2Carbon dating samples of peat from the Wainway areaDr Jason Kirby (students)1,100
05/2Rye project expenses477
09/1Carbon dating samples of peat from the Wainway areaDr Jason Kirby (students)1,300
09/2Evaluation study of the monuments of Lydd churchTereena Bellingham1,000
05/2Rye project expenses1,277
10/Indexing of Rye rebuilt900
10/1Dendrochronological sampling of Marsh churchesAlan Dickinson2,921
10/Printing of Rye History and Rye Rebuilt8,500
11/1Expenses to screen film ÔElectricity in the StonesÕElizabeth Rose250
11/2On-line register of Sussex Parish Manorial recordsProf Nigel Saul1,000
12/1Dating the Timber Tower of St. Augustine, Brookland, Kent with comparison to All Saints, Woodchurch and illustration for publication.Alan Dickinson & Joan Campbell1,511